10 Top Travelling Tips For Vegans

10 Top Travelling Tips For Vegans

I’m back! Sorry, I’ve dropped off the face of the earth for a month. Before we get stuck into today’s post let me update you real quick on what’s been going on and what’s to come (plenty of exciting stuff!).

About a month ago I’ve hopped on a plane to the other side of the globe, spent some time in the big apple and then visited friends and family in Germany. The plan was to still upload pre-scheduled posts while I was gone but as always things didn’t go as planned and I ended up taking a short break from my little corner of the internet.

Luckily the time on the road was full of new and exciting experiences (and food) and I now feel very inspired and ready to create an abundance of fresh content for you guys. Look forward to the ultimate NYC vegan food guide series – from Manhatten to Brooklyn to Coney Island, we munched our way through the best food New York has to offer.

And since my favourite season is about to kick off, expect to see new delicious autumnal recipes each and every week. I’m working on chai spiced muffins with apple chunks and cinammon crumble topping and on a pumkin ginger cream soup at the moment, just to give you a little sneak peek. And now lets get stuck into the post.

As I said I’ve done a fair amount of travelling this year. I went to festivals in England and across the pond, relaxed in a romantic little sea side town in Spain, defied the summer heat in NYC and last weekend hiked up and down the hills of the Peak District. And throughout all of it I acquired quite a few useful vegan travelling tips and tricks.

Here are my top 10 tips for vegans with wanderlust who want to enjoy their travels without stressing over food options.

1. Pack snacks!

Just to be on the save side pack enough food to get you through the day. Depending on the country finding vegan food can vary from being super easy to nearly impossible. My fave snacks are nuts, dried fruit, granola or energy bars, chocolate (depending on the weather) and bananas. In general just look for things you can easily eat out of the package, fuss-free. And if you’re going to be on the move all day try to pack snacks that are compact and high in calories. You don’t want to be carrying a big bag of food around all day.

2. Call the airline and hotel and ask for vegan options

Vegan food is just a phone call (or mouse-click) away. Most airlines offer food for all different kinds of dietary requirements, including a vegan diet. Usually you can just tick a box for vegan food on their website or just call them up, ask them for help and they’ll order it for you. It’s quick, easy and free and makes a big difference, especially on long distance flights.

Also, call up your hotel or hostel and let them know about your diet. They might be able to get some soy milk, vegan-friendly spread or a few extra pieces of fruit for the breakfast buffet if they know in advance.

3. Google, Pinterest, Foursquare, YouTube & Instagram

I’m sure this comes as no surprise to you guys: the internet is an incredibly useful source when it comes to vegan food. Dah! Google, Pinterest, Foursquare, YouTube and Instagram are full of vegan travel tips and vegan restaurant guides for many different countries and cities. Follow local vegan foodie boards, bloggers and Youtubers of you destination, search Instagram via the place and hashtag option and get the foursquare app to find vegan restaurants spontaneously on the go.

It’s always worth doing some research beforehand, it makes things much easier once you arrive. Before I headed to NYC I just typed ‘vegan food NYC’ into YouTube, Pinterest and Google and found great reccomendations. Plus there might be a gem of a vegan restaurant hidden away somewhere in a little alley around the corner that you never would have found otherwise.

4. Happy Cow!!!

Just get the Happy Cow app, trust me! When you get hungry open the app, click on the vegan filter and Happy Cow will provide a list of all the vegan or vegan-friendly restaurants near you. Unless you’re travelling through a remote part of the country that is.

Their website www.happycow.net is also a great way of finding 100% vegan accommodations (yes, those exist).

5. Translate the most important words

Unless you know the language, I recommend translating the most important ‘vegan words’ into the local language before you start your travels. You can use Google Translate or maybe you even know someone who speaks the language and can write it down for you. For example ‘I don’t eat meat, dairy and eggs.’ or ‘no meat, milk and eggs, please’.

6. Vegan meet-ups

If you’re planning on staying for a little while you might want to check out local vegan meet-ups (I use www.meetup.com). It’s fun to get to know new vegan friends and they’ll probably share loads of local vegan insider tips and restaurant reccomendations.

7. Vegan couch surfers

Stay with vegan couch surfers, some specifically look for vegan guests. You can cook together, explore the city with them and you can pick their brains for vegan-friendly markets, pop-ups and restaurants. It’s a win win for everyone.

8. Book a hostel or Airbnb with a kitchen

If you’re not sure about the vegan-friendliness of the place you’re travelling to, you can always look for an accommodation with a kitchen. Just pop to the supermarket and cook your own food. It’s a wallet friendly option, too.

9. Just ask.

Even if a restaurant doesn’t seem to offer any vegan options, pop in and ask if they can prepare a vegan-friendly dish for you. Chances are they’ll be able to adjust one of their meals to suit your needs.

10. And last but not least…

You’ll always have supermarkets and fresh food markets as your last resort. Bread, hummus, guacamole, olives, crisps, nuts, fresh & dried fruit, avocados, you’ll be able to find at least some of those things in a local supermarket. Admittedly, it’s not the same as dining in a great veggie restaurant but at least you won’t have to go to bed hungry.

That’s it from me for today! Talk to you soon. X


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