My Vibrant Kitchen is a vegan food and lifestyle blog. It’s where I share delicious and fairly quick and easy recipes and tips and tricks for vegan newbies as well as veterans.

My goal is to make the vegan lifestyle easy, accessible and FUN to anyone and everyone. All you need is a regular supermarket and/or your local farmers market, no need for fancy, hard-to-find ingredients. Chances are you’ve already got most of the ingredients stocked in your pantry. You’ll find recipes for many different occasions, the changing seasons, recipes that satisfy your sweet-tooth and hearty, savoury ones that warm you from inside out.

I hope to inspire you to incorporate more vegan meals into your week, go vegan for a month or just stay a happy and inspiring vegan all year around.


Thank you for visiting My Vibrant Kitchen! My name is Alexandra Reuter, though most people just call me Alex. I’m a 25 year-old living in beautiful and bustling London. I grew up in a small city in Germany. When I finished school I started moving around different countries for a few years just to discover that I’m a true Londoner at heart. Though London is home I love to travel and discover new places as often as I can.

I went vegan just over 3 years ago and what seemed like a challenge at first quickly became a fun opportunity to get even crazier and more creative in the kitchen. As a surprise to many people I know, since going vegan my cooking and baking has become a lot more varied, interesting and colourful and I’m not missing animal products one bit.

After over a year of creating several new recipes a week, meeting many great vegan friends and learning hundreds of vegan tips and tricks, I decided to create a platform to share what I’ve learned and an outlet for my creativity. Since then I’ve found amazing new opportunities coming my way such as organising, preparing and cooking vegan food for festivals. Hop on and come join me on this tasty, vibrant journey.


Please e-mail: myvibrantkitchen@gmail.com