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A Vegan in San Diego

A Vegan in San Diego

Here we go, yet another California post! I’m back in grey and cold London and finally over that horrible jet lag. Which means from now on the posts will be coming regularly again. And, if you like it or not, the road trip posts will keep coming (and coming). But if you’re here solely for the recipes, don’t you worry, I’ll mix in exciting new vegan recipes as well. California has left me full of new impressions, memories and inspiration. Read More »

  • A vegan in LA: Breakfast in Venice Beach

    A vegan in LA: Breakfast in Venice Beach

    As promised, here comes another California post! Now that we got the Coachella post out of the way (my excitement got the best of me, so I had to write the festival post first) we can start at the beginning of our California road trip.…

  • Coachella 2017 (+vegan food tips)

    Coachella 2017 (+vegan food tips)

    We just got to San Francisco, the final stop of our California road trip. We started off in LA, then drove down to Palms Springs for Coachella, after to San Diego, Santa Barbara, Carmel and Montarey. You can expect to see a lot of palm…

  • A Vegan in NYC Part 3: Dining Out in Brooklyn

    A Vegan in NYC Part 3: Dining Out in Brooklyn

    Oh guys, I’ve saved the very best for last! Brooklyn turned out to be a vegan food-lover’s paradise. One of the last days in NYC my sister and I skipped breakfast and jumped on the subway to Brooklyn to go for a late, big, long…

  • A Vegan in NYC Part 3: Dining Out in Brooklyn

    A Vegan in NYC Part 2: Sweets & Treats in Manhattan

    Fresh, exciting, buzzing and full of good vegan food – New York City. One of the only places I’ve visited where you stumble into a small cafe to buy a bottle of water only to realize that all those scrumptious, chocolaty treats are vegan.…

  • A Vegan in NYC Part 1: Dining Out in Manhattan

    Earlier this year my family and I hopped on a plane and flew across the big pond to the Americas. To the big, busteling and breathtaking New York City to be specific. We went during the hottest time of year and found ourselves in a…