January Kitchen Tunes

January Kitchen Tunes

Happy Sunday everyone! Today I’m introducing a new post series on the blog. My monthly kitchen tunes spotify playlist. I love music as much as I love food and the combination of the two sends me to cloud 9 (fun fact: in Germany it’s cloud 7!).

When I whip up a storm in the kitchen I ALWAYS put on music. It’s more fun, I start dancing around, get more creative and adventures with flavour combinations and I’m pretty sure it makes me more productive too. I usually listen to full albums on repeat but last month I started adding my faves to a spotify playlist instead. I titled it ‘January Kitchen Tunes’ and was going to let it go in February to start a new one to keep things fresh and exciting. But instead I decided to share the playlist with you at the end of each month in case you need some new kitchen tunes as well. In the spirit of the new year I kept it quite upbeat (ok, some not-so-upbeat ones have sneaked in too), I’m sure we’re all in need of a few uplifting songs at the moment.

Much love. X Alex

Listen to it here: January Kitchen Tunes!

Or use this Spotify player…


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