July (Accidentally) Vegan Favourites | Breakfast Edition

July (Accidentally) Vegan Favourites | Breakfast Edition

I’m kicking off a new series on MVK today. Monthly (accidentally) vegan favourites.

When I went vegan 2 years ago, I pretty much thought from now on I’d have to make everything I eat from scratch or buy expensive vegan alternatives.

Maybe with the exception of Oreos. I guess every vegan, no matter how green behind the ears, knows of the accidentally vegan ‘chocolate sandwich cookies’ aka Oreos.

As a vegan you quickly learn to scan ingredient lists for animal products (which are luckily usually marked in bold). But there are some products – sometimes even entire aisles – that you’ll just skip thinking there’s no way in hell they’re vegan anyway.

Well, turns out there are many, many more ‘accidentally vegan’ products out there and chances are you can find at least some of them on the shelfs of your local supermarket.

Can you believe we found a delicious vegan chocolate spread in a small ‘supermercado’ in Spain?! Soooo much better than Nutella. Sometimes it’s worth taking a leap of faith (even if your significant other thinks you’re nuts for checking all the Spanish chocolate spread labels).

In my experience it’s at least worth checking the labels of pastries (frozen as well as fresh ones), cookies, biscuits and crisps (yep, even the bbq flavoured ones) and dips and spreads.

In this post I’m going to share with you accidentally vegan products I loved for breakfast through out the month of July. Lets dive in!

July (Accidentally) Vegan Favourites | Breakfast Edition

Just Roll Croissants. So good! Just pop open the package, roll the pre-cut croissants, pop them in the oven and eat them while they’re still warm. I’m a sucker for the plain ones with blackcurrant jam but the Pain Au Chocolat happen to be vegan, too. They’re the quickest way to surprise friends with warm pastries for breakfast or brunch. Who doesn’t love fresh croissants in the morning?

Marmite. They say you either love it or hate it. I most definitely belong to the former group. For me it hits exactly the right spot when I’m having the kind of salty cravings I used to satisfy with meat. And hey, marmite is a source of B12 which can be rather tricky to find on a plant based diet.

July (Accidentally) Vegan Favourites | Breakfast Edition

Warbourtons Bagels. Bagels are great. Toasted avocado bagels are even better. I like to top mine with a pinch of salt, lemon juice and a generous squeeze of Sriracha sauce. If you have more of a sweet-tooth in the morning try their cinnamon & raison bagels!

July (Accidentally) Vegan Favourites | Breakfast Edition

Crumpets! A delicious British griddle cake (a bit like waffles) that you just pop in the toaster and top with your favourite spread. I recommend coconut oil and hot berries. Unfortunately, you can only buy them in a handful of countries. But if you can get your hands on them, they’re a great thing to keep in your pantry for a delicious and super quick breakfast. So far, all crumpet brands I’ve found are vegan.

Biscoff (Lotus Biscuit) Spread. If you haven’t tried this cookie butter (COOKIE BUTTER!!) yet you haven’t lived! Seriously, it’s heavenly. You can find the Belgian spread in smooth and in crunchy (crunchy all the way!!) and in many different countries now.

And lastly, let me share my latest tea obsession with you: Lady Grey. I rediscovered it after a couple of month primarily fuelled by coffee. Lady Grey is a variation on the more popular Earl Grey tea. It’s a black tea with a hint of oil of bergamot, lemon peel and orange peel oil. And I drink mine with a splash of soy milk. Currently by far my favourite way to start off the day.

That’s it from me for today. Next month I’ll be sharing a new ‘accidentally vegan’ edition, so stay tuned.


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