A Vegan in Brighton: VBites

A Vegan in Brighton – VBites

I’m all for recycling! But how do you guys feel about recycling old photos for new blog posts? Yea or nay?
The other day I realised that I was into taking photos of my food way before I became a food blogger. Judge me if you want.

So I was going through old photos, reminiscing about past city trips when I realised that there’s quite a lot of potential for good blog content. I love sharing vegan food with you, whether I cooked it or ordered it. And I tend to jump at every opportunity to tell you guys about a hot vegan food spot I’ve discovered. A Vegan in Brighton – VBites A Vegan in Brighton – VBites A Vegan in Brighton – VBites These pics were taken about 2 years ago when I was living in Bournemouth and took a little field trip to Brighton with my sis.

I love Brighton, like LOVE love it… I wouldn’t mind moving myself, my little blog and my man to Brighton one day, that’s how much I love the vibrant, romantic sea town. Writing this post makes me want to jump on the next train for a weekend by the sea.

Brighton is known for its open-mindedness and is full of vegan and vegetarian restaurants and pop-ups. In fact, UK’s first ever vegan pizzeria is in Brighton.

As I said, this trip took place 2 years ago. But don’t you worry, this post is far from outdated. VBites has been one of Brighton’s top vegan hotspots since it opened in 2009 and is still going strong. Their menu is pretty much the same, still very much a party for your taste buds. A Vegan in Brighton – VBites A Vegan in Brighton – VBites A Vegan in Brighton – VBites We went all out and ordered mushrooms, hummus and spinach on toast and loaded nachos as starters and then a ‘create your own’ pizza (the cheeze melts!) and a burger with crispy sweet potato fries as mains, all to share.

The food is delicious but be smarter than us and make sure to leave a bit of room for one (or two) of VBite’s cupcakes or cake slices for dessert. Yum!
We had to go on a long walk along the pebbly beach before popping back in to satisfy our sweet tooth. On second thought, that might have been the right way to do it after all. You can’t visit Brighton without going for a stroll by the sea.

Though I never tried it myself, I’ve heard the Sunday nut roast and the mock fish dishes are a dream, too.
A Vegan in Brighton – VBites


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