A Vegan In London – Black Cat Café

A Vegan In London – Black Cat Café

My friend Elsa and I finally made it to the famous Black Cat Café in Hackney! It feels like I might be the last vegan in London to pop by the most popular vegan food spot in town.

And let me tell you, it’s very much worth the hype. The place feels very inviting, a rather relaxed atmosphere with sofas and crates as tables. You get the picture.

A Vegan In London – Black Cat Café

And oh my god the food! Delicious, flavoursome meals which come in really generous portions. Quite rare for a vegan restaurant and just up my street!

Elsa and I found shelter at Black Cat Café in midst of a particularly strong downpour (Spring in London…).

We decided to get a big salat plate (not your usual salat plate, just look at that photo!) and a ciabatta seitan sandwich. Both were filling and packed with flavour, exactly what we needed on a rainy Sunday afternoon. A delicious mango lassi helped brighten up the day some more.

A Vegan In London – Black Cat Café A Vegan In London – Black Cat Café

We finished off our little vegan food adventure with a mini blueberry chocolate cake and by the time we left the cafe the sun was peaking through the clouds.

And it gets even better, the Black Cat is a cooperatively run, not-for profit café and host great benefits and fundraisers. Stay up to date with what’s happening on their Facebook page!

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A Vegan In London – Black Cat Café


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