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Temple Of Hackney Vegan Chicken London

Happy Valentines Day!!
Let me tell you about my most recent love affair… It’s a great one, dare I use the word ‘forever’ this early on?

If you remember my ‘A Vegan in Brooklyn‘ post you will know that I LOVE vegan fast food. The burger, the milkshakes and the pancakes quickly won my heart and I never thought I’d find one that can compete.

But as the saying suggests you find love when you least expect it and after queuing in the cold rainy snow for about an hour (and feeling freaking miserable) I fell head over heals for a chicken sub, a pulled beef sandwich, a chicken burger and mac and cheese with bacon bits. My mind was blown! I guess the crazy queue on a day like that should have given it away…

Temple Of Hackney Vegan Chicken London

If you’re into quality fried vegan food you should head over to Temple of Hackney asap! The queue is insane and there’s barely any seating but oh boy is it worth it! The place is open Wednesday to Sunday 12 till 8pm.

I’m pretty sure the fried chicken bits would have fooled the most dedicated of meat eaters and the mac and cheese were simply to die for.

Temple Of Hackney Vegan Chicken London Temple Of Hackney Vegan Chicken London The vegan chicken shop opened last month after their pop up Temple of Seitan proved to be ridiculously popular. Australian Rebecca McGinness, one half of the founder couple (the other half’s Pat O’Shea), used to work at KFC and had always missed her chicken fix since going vegan about a decade ago. The two came up with the idea after being shocked by the lack of vegan restaurants in London. I can’t believe it either, after queuing for an hour it’s just so obvious that there is great demand for it. If you live in London go and treat yourself to their fried deliciousness. I recommend doing what we did, go with a couple of friends and order everything on the menu. You’re welcome!

Temple Of Hackney Vegan Chicken London

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