A Vegan in NYC Part 1: Dining Out in Manhattan

Earlier this year my family and I hopped on a plane and flew across the big pond to the Americas. To the big, busteling and breathtaking New York City to be specific. We went during the hottest time of year and found ourselves in a new adventure every day, many of them very much food related.

We discovered so many hidden gems of lovely vegan restaurants, cafes and shops and I happily snapped away photos of anything and everything that caught my eye. Sifting through the photos I soon realized that one big New York City post wouldn’t cut it.

So here we go… A vegan in NYC part 1: Dining out in Manhattan.

ByCHLOE. We went to the Flatiron one on 60 W 22nd Street but there’s two more in Manhattan and many more coming soon (Brooklyn, Boston, LA). vegan-nyc-manhattan-dining-out-4 vegan-nyc-manhattan-dining-out-5 vegan-nyc-manhattan-dining-out-6 We popped by to grab a late dinner and went for the guac burger, air baked sweet potato fries, the greek salad and mac n’ cheese with shitake bacon.
It’s vegan fast food but it’s on the healthier side. Don’t get me wrong, the food was pretty good and I very much recommend getting the mac n’ cheese (so delicious!) but it didn’t blow me away either.

Especially after going for a huge brunch in a vegan diner in Brooklyn the next day, by CHLOE’s food seemed a bit pale in comparison. But we’ll get to that in the Brooklyn post.

Still, if you’re in the area and you’re looking for good and satisfying vegan burgers, fries and co. byCHLOE might be just what you’re looking for.
vegan-nyc-manhattan-dining-out-9 The next day we ventured on, up and above the streets of Manhattan, strolling along the High Line, a walk along the old New York Central Railroad spur. vegan-nyc-manhattan-dining-out-8 After a good few hours of walking we were ready for lunch and found the Vegetarian Dim Sum House in the midst of busy China Town. Turns out everything on the menu is vegan (with mock meats and all), delicious and super affordable. Win, win!

I really loved the watercress dumplings but from my experience (we ended up going twice!) you can’t really go wrong here. Just order whatever tickles your fancy and dive in. vegan-nyc-manhattan-dining-out-1 vegan-nyc-manhattan-dining-out-2 vegan-nyc-manhattan-dining-out-3 And whenever the hunger kicks in unexpectedly you can find stalls selling fallafel wraps on every corner in Manhattan. They’re pretty damn good but be warned, the hot sauce is VERY hot. vegan-nyc-manhattan-dining-out-7 Until next time when we dive into the sweet and chocolaty side of vegan Manhattan…


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