A Vegan in San Diego

A Vegan in San Diego

Here we go, yet another California post! I’m back in grey and cold London and finally over that horrible jet lag. Which means from now on the posts will be coming regularly again. And, if you like it or not, the road trip posts will keep coming (and coming). But if you’re here solely for the recipes, don’t you worry, I’ll mix in exciting new vegan recipes as well. California has left me full of new impressions, memories and inspiration.

So in today’s San Diego post, I won’t be focusing on one vegan or vegan friendly restaurant or cafe, it’s more of a general vegan food recommendation post, you know?

A Vegan in San Diego

Our San Diego visit was rather brief but very, very tasty. Which might have had to do with the Mexican influence on the city, I LOVE good Mexican food!

We drove down to Mission Beach for a late afternoon stroll and on the lookout for dinner. Some parts of the board walk are scattered with little shops, restaurants and food stalls, others are lined with beautiful, unique beach houses. Not one house looks like the other.

A Vegan in San Diego A Vegan in San Diego

I very much recommend getting a big portion of guacamole and salsa loaded nachos and one of the acai bowls that every other boardwalk cafe sells. Then choose your favourite spot in the sand and enjoy a sunset picnic on the beach.

If you head down to the sea on a weekday, the beach won’t be as busy and you can enjoy your meal, digging your toes in the soft sand and listening to the waves come in. It doesn’t get better than this!

A Vegan in San Diego

Oh wait, maybe it does.

If you have a bit more time to spare, you should take a short drive to La Jolla Cove to visit the wild seals and sea lions sanctuary. You can walk up close to the animals (respect their space though and don’t try to feed them!). I was amazed by how sweet and playful those big, beautiful creatures were with each other. The youngsters were playing (some also fighting)  and resting their heads on each others soft bodies to snooze in the afternoon sun. If you’re an animal lover like me or just curious and fascinated by nature, the sanctuary is well worth a visit!

A Vegan in San Diego A Vegan in San Diego A Vegan in San Diego

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