Top 10 Tips for Vegan Travelers

Traveling as a vegan can feel like venturing into uncharted territories. Each destination brings forth unknown meal options, and the familiarity of home-grown fruits and vegetables are replaced with a confusing array of local cuisines.

But there’s good news! Yes, vegan travelers – you heard it right! I have put together an essential guide to ensure your adventures remain memorable for all the right reasons – without having you stress over meal options.

Here’s my top 10 tips:

1. Pack snacks!

Just in case, pack enough food to get you through the day. Vegan food availability may vary depending on the country. My go-to snacks are nuts, dried fruit, granola or energy bars, chocolate (depending on the weather) and bananas. Pick items that you can easily eat fuss-free straight from the package. If you’re on the move all day, pack compact and calorie-dense snacks – no one wants to lug around a huge bag of food!

2. Call ahead for vegan options: airlines & hotels

Most airlines offer meals catering to different dietary requirements – including vegans! You can usually request vegan meals via their website or give them a call; it’s quick, easy and free. This makes a big difference when flying long distances.

Hotels and hostels should know about your dietary needs too; they might be able to provide soy milk or extra fruit at breakfast if notified in advance.

3. Research online: Google, Pinterest, Foursquare & Instagram

The internet is packed with vegan travel tips and restaurant guides! Follow local vegan bloggers and Youtubers from your destination city/country, search Instagram via place/hashtag options or use Foursquare app for spontaneous finds on-the-go.

Pre-trip research saves time later; plus you might discover hidden gems otherwise overlooked!

4. Use Happy Cow App

Want an easy way to find nearby vegan restaurants? Get Happy Cow app – trust me! Check out their website as well for listings of 100% vegan accommodations.

5. Translate key ‘vegan words’

Not fluent in your destination’s language? Translate essential phrases beforehand using Google Translate (or get help from someone who knows the language). Examples include ‘I don’t eat meat, dairy and eggs’ or ‘no meat, milk and eggs, please.’

6. Attend vegan meet-ups

If you’re there for a while, join local vegan meet-ups ( is helpful) to make new friends and get insider tips on vegan hotspots.

7. Stay with vegan couch surfers

Opt for a stay with vegans – some even specifically look for vegan guests! Cook together, explore the city and gather their recommendations on markets, pop-ups and eateries.

8. Accommodations with kitchens: hostels & Airbnb

Unsure about a destination’s vegan-friendliness? Choose accommodations which provide kitchen facilities so you can cook your own meals; it’s budget-friendly too!

9. Just ask at restaurants

No obvious options in sight? Pop into any restaurant and ask if they can prepare something suitable – chances are they’ll accommodate your needs!

10. The supermarket fallback

As a last resort,_ supermarkets or fresh food markets_ provide reliable options: bread, hummus, guacamole, olives, crisps/nuts/fresh/dried fruit and avocados should be easily available. Not ideal compared to dining out but better than going hungry!

That’s all folks! Have an amazing trip! ✈️ X

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